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Like most successful American Automobile manufacturers, Charles W. Nash twice decided to produce cars bearing names other than his own. In 1925 Nash brought out a low priced car manufacturer, Mitchell Motors Co. of Racine, Wisconsin and produced the Ajax. This American Automobile was designed to have great value for a car that sold for about $1,000.00.

The Ajax-Nash was only in production for two years, 1925 and 1926. Shown in the vintage advertising below is a 1925 or 1926 Ajax-Nash 4 door sedan. The Ajax-Nash had disc wheels with the spare tire carried at the rear. Features include a slightly turned down roof at the front, drum head lights and a single piece windshield. Three models were built, a 4 door sedan, 4 door touring and a 2 door sedan. All models sold for about $1,000.00.

1926 Ajax-Nash
1925-1926 Ajax Six - Ajax Motors Co. Racine, Wisconsin Advertising

Due to the fact that the name was different, some Ajax-Nash customer's were led to believe that the Ajax Six was not a Nash car. The truth was that the Ajax was just as much a Nash model as the Nash Special Six and the Advanced Six. With the Ajax the standards of manufacture were identical except it was a smaller car. However, the motoring public did not accept the Ajax, so Nash took some extreme steps.

Ajax-Nash features refined motor with 7 bearing crankshaft, 25% more power, Seats upholstery of genuine chase velmo mohair velvet, Five disc wheels, new winged radiator cap, electric clock and motor heat control by thermostatic water regulation.

1926 Nash
1926 Nash Advanced Six 4 Door Sedan Advertising

The Ajax-Nash was discontinued during the 1926 production year after 22,000 units were produced. Charles W. Nash ordered that the production continue but renamed as the Nash Six. Nash hub caps, emblems and radiator shells were trucked to the Racine Ajax factory where all unshipped Ajax brand cars were converted Nash automobiles. The hub caps, emblems etc as a kit were sent to dealers to retrofit all unsold cars on their lots. These kits were also available at no charge to consumers who bought Ajax cars.

Restored 1925 Ajax Nash 1926 Ajax Nash Advertising
Restored 1925 Ajax Nash                 1926 Ajax Nash Advertising

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