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The Auburn Automobile 1900-1909 & The Auburn Automobile Co.

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The Auburn Automobile Co.
Auburn, Indiana

One of the most famous of all American Automobiles was the Auburn produced in Auburn, Indiana by The Auburn Automobile Company.

The Auburn first appeared in 1900 when Frank and Morris Eckhart of the Eckhart Carriage Company began experimenting with hand built cars. The Eckhart's sold these hand built experimental automobiles in and around Auburn, Indiana.

1903 Auburn Runabout
1903 Auburn Runabout

In 1902, Auburn manufacture began in earnest and in 1903 examples were shown nationally at the Chicago Auto show. The 1903 Auburn was equipped with a single cylinder engine that could be started by crank from the seat. Features included a single chain drive, a 78 inch wheelbase and wheel steering.

1904 Auburn Runabout
1904 Auburn Runabout

The $800.00 1904 Auburn Runabout was essentially the same as the 1903 models. However, solid rubber tires had given way to pneumatics and the fuel tank was mounted under the hood. A larger six horsepower single cylinder engine was used. Optional accessories included oil lamps, frontal lantern type searchlights and a bulb horn. Only 50 Auburn automobiles were made in 1904.

1906 Auburn Touring Car
1906 Auburn Touring Car - Model C

Auburn five passenger tonneau Touring Cars first appeared in 1905 with horizontally opposed water cooled two cylinder engines that developed 24 horsepower. The water tank joined the gasoline tank under the hood. Fenders and running boards were added. These Auburn's were priced at $450.00 more than the original.

In 1906, after the Model Gas Engine Works moved to Peru, Indiana, its complex was acquired by The Auburn Automobile Co. All Auburn's were produced at this location for the next thirty years..

1906 Auburn Model C
1906 Auburn Model C
1907 Auburn Turing Car
1907 Auburn Touring Car
Click on image above to see full size!

In 1906 a Model C side entrance five passenger Touring Car was produced. These automobiles were also equipped with the two cylinder engines of 24 horsepower. By 1907 a $1,250.00 five passenger Touring Car with a 100 inch wheelbase, pressed steel frame, 32 inch x 3 1/2 inch wheels and tires was produced by The Auburn Automobile Co. Advertising claims included "The Most For The Money" and "You Can't Equal It For $1,250."

1909 Auburn Model B
1909 Auburn Model B
1909 Auburn Model G
1909 Auburn Model G
Click on image above to see full size!

All new Auburn's were introduced in 1909. Six distinct models are known to have been built all with four cylinder engines. A model B with a detachable tonneau shown above cost $1,400.00 in 1909. This four passenger Touring Car was equipped with a vertical 4 inch bore x 4 inch stroke four cylinder engine rated at 25-30 horsepower. Features were selective type three transmission, shaft drive, 106 inch wheelbase and jump spark ignition.

A model G Touring Car cost $1,250.00 in 1909. This Touring Car was equipped with a 24 horsepower four cylinder engine that had a 5 1/4 inch bore and 5 inch stroke. Features included a 100 inch wheelbase, planetary two speed transmission, 32 inch x 3 1/2 inch wheels and tires.

The Auburn Automobile Co. Factory
The Auburn Automobile Co. Factory

1903 Auburn Runabout
1903 Auburn Runabout

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