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The Colburn Automobile Co.
Denver, Colorado

The Colburn Automobile Co. was formed by Judge Ernest A. Colburn, pioneer and wealthy mining man from Cripple Creek, Colorado. The Colburn was designed and build by his two sons, Ernest A. Colburn, Jr. and H. C. Colburn.

The Colburn was built in Colorado and this state was not a particularly good place for American Automobiles.

The Colburn brothers built the first four cylinder engine especially designed to perform in high altitudes. Colburn automobiles were very popular in the Rocky Mountain territory.

1907 Colburn Skycraper Touring Car
1907 Colburn Skyscraper Touring Car

Colburn production included interesting model names. In 1906 a Model C Touring Car and Model D Roadster also known as the "Rex Alta" was produced on a 107 inch wheel base. These automobile were equipped with a four cylinder was cooled engine that developed 25 horsepower.

A new Colburn called the "Skyscraper" (shown above) entered the market in 1908. It had the same high altitude four cylinder engine as the "Rex Alta".

1909 Colburn Model D Roadster
1909 Colburn Model D Roadster

In 1909 a 30 horsepower Touring Car and Roadster were made by The Colburn Automobile Co. In addition they produced a large 116 inch wheel base 40 horsepower Model H Touring Car. Colburn automobiles were exceptionally fast and the 1909 model shown above won a 200 mile road race near Denver, as well as many track events.

1910 Colburn Model 35 Touring Car
1910 Colburn Model 35 Touring Car

In 1910 The Colburn Automobile Co. announced that they were going to handle Renault automobiles in Denver for the State of Colorado. The new cars had reinforced axles, heavy duty springs and extra high clearances. The radiator was mounted behind the engine and had a sloping hood. These Renault Touring Cars and Roadsters were re-branded as the Model E Colburn's.

Additional 1910 models included a Model M built as a Touring Car and Roadster with a 112 inch wheel base and a four cylinder engine that developed 30 horsepower. A large seven passenger Touring Car with 114 inch wheel base and a four cylinder engine that was rated at 45 horsepower.

In 1911 a much larger seven passenger 122 inch wheel base Colburn Model N was made by The Colburn Automobile Co. It was their last American Automobile. It had a four cylinder engine rated at 38 horsepower, sliding gear transmission using the selective type of operation and having four forward speeds with the direct drive on the third.

Colburn Assembling Department
Colburn Assembling Department

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