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Plug In Hybrid Cars - Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Schematic of a Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle
Schematic of a Plug In
Hybrid Vehicle

Plug in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) can be charged with electricity like pure electric vehicles and run under engine power like hybrid electric vehicles. The combination offers increased driving range with potentially large fuel and cost savings, emissions reductions, and other benefits. Plug-in hybrid vehicles can range from 20 to 60 miles without the use of gasoline after being charged in a standard electrical outlet. That means tens of millions of motorists could make their daily commute using little, if any, gasoline. Plug in hybrid electric vehicles would result in significant fuel savings for most motorists.

Plug-in Hybrid cars are coming soon. Several automakers have PHEV models in development. The examples below are in the concept phase and have undetermined release dates.

Chevrolet Volt Concept Car
Chevrolet Volt Concept Car

General Motors' Chevrolet Volt is a PHEV that can run on electricity, ethanol, biodiesel, gasoline and even hydrogen in the future. The 120 kilowatt electric drive motor and 16 kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack will provide full performance electric only operation for typical around town commutes. While the 53 kilowatt generator and engine combination gives this vehicle the ability to drive efficiently for extended distances with its three cylinder turbocharged engine.

Ford Edge with HySeries Drive
Ford Edge with HySeries Drive

The Ford Edge with HySeries Drive is a prototype Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle. The Edge prototype contains a fuel cell, a hydrogen tank, two electric motors, and a lithium-ion battery pack. When the battery pack is depleted to approximately 40 percent, the hydrogen fuel cell automatically turns on and begins generating electricity to recharge the batteries. The Ford Edge with HySeries Drive can travel at speeds of up to 85 mph.

Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid SUV
Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid SUV

The Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid SUV will use a modified version of General Motor's hybrid system and plug in technology, a lithium-ion battery pack, highly efficient electronics, and powerful electric motors to achieve significant increases in fuel economy. It will also have two interior permanent magnet motors and General Motor's 3.6L V-6 gasoline engine with direct injection.

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