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Studebaker Electric
The Studebaker Brothers Mfg. Co.
The Studebaker Automobile Co.
South Bend, Indiana

The Studebaker Electric was an American Automobile produced by The Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company of South Bend, Indiana from 1902 to 1912.

The Studebaker Electric was a true horseless carriage sporting a body that was of buggy design. It was designed by Thomas A. Edison.

1902 Studebaker Runabout Electric
1902 Studebaker Runabout Electric

A unique feature of the Studebaker Electric is that the motor is suspended from the body frame and power is transmitted to the rear axle by means of a chain. The Studebaker Electric was equipped with a standard Westinghouse vehicle motor. A battery of 24 cells was used that was durable but not the extremely high capacity of some other electric automobiles of the time. The controller has four speeds and was located under the seat.

1902 Studebaker Stanhope Electric
1902 Studebaker Stanhope Electric

All the Studebaker Electric cars would travel from 30 to 80 miles on ordinary roads with a single charge. Speeds vary from 3 to 18 miles per hour. In short, the Studebaker Electric was slow but reasonably competitive in 1902. A total of 20 Studebaker Electric automobiles were sold that first year. Studebaker Electric production was never very high and had been reduced to a trickle by 1940 and ceased entirely by 1912.

1903 Studebake Electric
1903 Studebake Electric

Over the ten years of Studebaker Electric car production the following passenger models were made - Runabout with a buggy top, Stanhope with a closed top, special high speed Stanhope with buggy top, Victoria-Phaeton with close or quartered top, Coupe, 4 passenger Surrey and a 14 passenger ommibus. Electric wagons and trucks included - stake trucks with load capacities from 500 pounds to 10,000 pounds, panel side wagon and an ambulance. Typical specifications in included a 54 inch track, 61 inch wheelbase, 30 inch wheels, 30 x 3 inch tires, body length 73 inches, 24 amp motor and 40 volt controller.

Prices for a 1904 Studebaker Electric two passenger Runabout was $950.00, Stanhope $1,303.00, Victoria $1,600.00 and a Surrey cost $1,800.00. When production of electrics was discontinued in 1912, a total of 1841 Studebaker electric vehicles had been produced and sold.

1904 Studebake Electric
1904 Studebake Electric

The Studebaker Brothers entered the automotive business in 1902 with electric automobiles and in 1904 with gasoline automobiles. At first under the firm name "The Studebaker Brothers Mfg. Co." This was the same company that built their wagons and carriages. By 1904 all Studebake automobiles were sold under the name "Studebaker Automobile Company".

1908 Studebaker Victoria Phaeton
1908 Studebaker Victoria Phaeton

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    Studebaker Electric Logo
    Studebaker Electric Logo

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