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Except for a few minor changes the 1916 Ford Model T was merely an extension of the 1915 Ford.

The 1916 Model T line up consisted of a Touring Car, Runabout, Town Car, Sedan, Coupe and 20,700 military Ambulances for the calendar year that begin August 1, 1915 and ending July 25, 1916.

On August 14, The Ford Motor Co. announced that it would pay it's customer $40.00 to $50.00 if they sold at retail 300,000 Ford Automobiles during the model year from August 1, 1914 to August 1, 1915ad

1916 Ford Advertisement
1916 Ford Advertisement

The Ford Motor Company exceeded their production goal of 300,000 and paid each customer $50.00 on August 15, 1915. However, according to this 1916 Ford advertisement this promotion was canceled for 1916. Instead The Ford Motor Company once again reduced the price of it's 1916 Model T Fords.

1916 Ford Touring Car
1916 Ford Touring Car

The three door five passenger 1916 Ford Model T Touring cost $440.00. 363,000 units were produced by Henry Ford and his Ford Motor Co. It was equipped with a cast iron block four cylinder engine that was rated at 22.5 horsepower. A two speed forward and one reverse planetary transmission was installed on all five body styles.

1916 Ford Coupelet
1916 Ford Coupelet

There were only 1,174 two door two passenger 1916 Model T Ford Coupes produced at a price of $590.00. A very low number when compared to 363,000 Touring Cars produced. The Coupe and all other Ford automobile had a 100 inch wheelbase and a 56 inch tread with 30 inch wheels and tires.

Other 1916 Ford Model T's produced included a $390.00 two door two passenger Runabout, a $640.00 four door seven passenger Town Car and the $740.00 Sedan. The Runabout production amounted 98,633 units. Town Car production was 1,972 and 1,859 sedans were made. The 1917 Ford Model T followed the 1916 Fords.

1916 Ford Sedan
1916 Ford Sedan

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