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The Fredonia Mfg. Co.
Youngstown, Ohio

The Fredonia Automobile Company of Youngstown, Ohio produced an American Automobile called Fredonia from 1902 to 1904. Two passenger Runabout shown below was the first automobile produced by The Fredonia Mfg. Co.

Unlike most vehicles of this type, the Fredonia had wooden wheels of the Sarven pattern 32 inches in diameter with 3 inch pneumatic tires.

Timken roller bearning were used in front and standard roller bearings used in the rear. Dow combination batteries were used for the jump spark ignition. Double acting brakes on the rear axle and reverse of the transmission was used to stop the Fredonia.

1902 Fredonia Runabout
1902 Fredonia Runabout

The Fredonia Runabout was equipped with a single cylinder horizonal engine with 3 1/2 inch bore and 6 1/2 inch stroke. A Upton transmission was used to transmit power to the Brown-Lipe differential. The Fredonia was capable of 4 to 30 miles per hour.

1903 Fredonia Touring Car With Rear Entrance Tonneau
1903 Fredonia Touring Car With Rear Entrance Tonneau

The 1903 four passenger Fredonia Tonneau was equipped with single cylinder 10 horsepower water cooled horizonial engine mounted under the seat. A two speed and reverse planeary transmission was used. Addential features included channel steel frame, elliptic springs, 30 inch artillery wheels, 3 1/2 inch tires, 87 inch wheelbase, 56 inch tread, 9 gallon gas tank, 3 1/2 gallon water tank and weighed 1,650 pound. Price in 1903 was $1,250.00.

1904 Fredonia Advertisement
1904 Fredonia Advertisement

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