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A Danish immigrant by the name of Rasmus Hansen started the Hansen Automobile Co. in 1902 and then reorganized this company into the General Automobile Co.

Rasmus Hansen produced an American Automobile called the Hansen in 1902.

When he reorganized the Hansen Automobile Co. into the General Automobile Co. he produced the same small runabout but called it the General. Hansen reorganized his original company to increase production and obtain additional investors.

1903 General Runabout
1903 General Runabout

In 1903 he upgraded his 6 horsepower single cylinder Hansen to a 8 horsepower General and expanded his line to a 12 horsepower twin cylinder. Hansen wanted to expand production beyond one car per day but was unable to secure enough capital. His company went bankrupt in the summer of 1903.

Studebaker purchased all the unfinished General's and spare parts from Hansen in 1903. Studebaker then was going to produced the gas powered "Studebaker Model A" for the production year of 1903-1904. However, nothing ever transpired with 25 unfinished General automobiles and it appears that the Hansen factory was never used by Studebaker.

1904 Studebaker Automobile Advertisement
1904 Studebaker Automobile Advertisement

1903 Studebaker Electric Automobile Advertisement
1903 Studebaker Electric Automobile Advertisement
The Studebaker Brothers were Henry and Clem Studebaker.

We are looking for General and Hansen automobile photographs or vintage General and Hansen advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy these every early 1903 and 1904 Studebaker advertisements. Keep in mind that the Studebaker Brothers produced horse drawn carriages starting in 1852. There first American Automobile's were Electric starting in 1902 and gas power automobiles starting in 1904.

For additional information on the Studebaker Automobiles!

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