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The Bartholomew Company
Peoria, Illinois

The Bartholomew Company of Peoria, Illinois introduced an American Automobile called the Glide and sometime called the Bartholomew at the 1903 Chicago Automobile Show. It was a new medium weight vehicle of the Runabout type shown below.

Touring Cars, Sedans and Roadsters were later offered of conventional design and most were equipped with Rutenber engines.

1903 Glide Runabout
1903 Glide Runabout

The 1903 Glide Runabout was equipped by a single cylinder, four cycle engine of 5 inch bore and 6 inch stroke that developed 8 horsepower. This water cooled engine was mounted under the seat and had a single chain drive. The transmission is of the planetary type with two speed forward and reverse. This Runabout was produced until 1907.

1906 Glide Touring Cars
1906 Glide Touring Cars

By 1906 The Bartholomew Co. produced four different Glide automobiles. A 9 horsepower single cylinder Touring Car and an automobile described above as a Glideabout. These same Glides could be purchased with 14 and 18 horsepower two cylinder engines and 30 horsepower four cylinder engines. The above advertisement claims that "The Glide - The Car That Glides".

1909 Glide Model R Roadster
1909 Glide Model R Roadster

In 1909 a four passenger 106 inch wheelbase Model R Roadster was developed by The Bartholomew Co. It was equipped with a four cylinder Rutenber engine that developed 45 horsepower. The selective type transmission had three speeds forward and reverse. The price about was $2,000.00 later that increased to $2,250.00. The Model R could also be purchased as a two seater Runabout body. Also available beginning in 1909 was a $2,500.00 Glide Model G Special Touring Car seating seven passengers and had a 120 inch wheelbase.

1910 Glide production included a "Glide Scout" which was classified as a Dimi-Tonneau Roadster. It was equipped with a 45 horsepower that may have been built by The Bartholomew Co. according to on 1910 advertisement. Like the 1909 Special Touring Car it was priced at $2,500.00.

1911 Glide Touring Car
1911 Glide Touring Car
1915 Glide Model 30
1915 Glide Model 30
Click on image above to see full size!

From 1910 to 1915 it was more of the same for The Bartholomew Company. The produced high quality American Automobiles that the motoring public liked. In the 1911 Glide advertisement above claims made included "Ride In A Glide Then Decide" and "Your Highest Motor Car Ideals Will Be Found In The Luxurious Glide". More new features in 1915 produced a Model 30 fully equipped at $1,195.00. Features included a six cylinder Continental engine, Westington electric starter, left side drive, center control levers, 114 inch wheelbase and Goodyear tires.

In 1917 the Glide Light Six 40 was priced at $1,295.00. The Bartholomew Company designed this automobile that was "handsome, roomy, comfortable and Luxurious" and it was "well balanced and mechanically perfect". Also in 1917 a Glide Sedan was also offered for $200.00.

1917 Glide Light Six
1917 Glide Light Six
1917 Glide Model Six 40
1917 Glide Model Six 40
Click on image above to see full size!

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