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The Great Smith Automobile & The Smith Automobile Co.

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Great Smith
The Smith Automobile Co.
Topeka, Kansas

The Great Smith was an American Automobile that had roots that began when Terry Stafford built a home made car in Topeka, Kansas starting in 1899.

Terry Stafford owned a bicycle shop and with the financial backing of Clement and Lucius Smith of the The Smith Truss Company built the Veracity (1903-1905) and Smith (1905-1906) automobiles.

1907 Great Smith Touring Car
1907 Great Smith Touring Car

The 1907 Great Smith cars were mechanically similar to the 1906 Smith cars. The water cooled four cylinder engine was rated at 45 horsepower and had a sliding gear transmission with three speed forward and reverse. Other features included a 107 inch wheel base, 34 x 4 inch wheels and tires, multiple disc clutch and durable brakes.  In the advertisement above the 1907 Great Smith had a "Refrigerator in box at side". Advertising claims included "In All Respects A Perfect Machine - Built As Well As Any Car In The World" and "Makers Of The World's Greatest $2500 Car".

1910 Great Smith Cruiser
1910 Great Smith Cruiser

"A Western Car For Western Roads" and "No Road Too Rough, No Hill Too Tough" claimed this 1910 Great Smith Cruiser advertisement. 1911 was the last years for the Great Smith. 1911 models included a Type XX Tourabout fully equipped $2,250.00, Type XXI Touring Car priced at $2,650.00, Type XXLL Toy Tonneau at $2,500.00 and the Type XXIII Cruiser shown above priced at $2,500.00.

1908 Great Smith Engine
1908 Great Smith Engine

A contemporary design, Great Smith four cylinder engines had vertical type cylinders cast separately without removable heads. Two inch valves on opposite sides and intergral cam shaft. Rated at 45 horsepower these Stafford designed engines had steel connecting rods, a 4 1/2 inch bore and 5 inch stroke.

Restored 1908 Great Smith Touring Car
Restored 1908 Great Smith Touring Car

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