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The Haynes-Apperson Company
The Haynes Automobile Company
Kokomo, Indiana

The Haynes automobile Company began as the Haynes-Apperson in 1894. The owners and American automobile producers were Elwood P. Haynes and the Apperson brothers, Elmer Apperson and Edgar Apperson all from Kokomo, Indiana.

In 1901 Haynes and the Apperson brothers parted ways and both formed their own automobile companies.

1904 Haynes Runabout
1904 Haynes Runabout

The Apperson brothers produced the Apperson automobile from 1902 to 1926. Elwood P. Haynes used the Haynes-Apperson Company name from 1901 to 1905 when his company was reorganized into The Haynes Automobile Company.

1905 Haynes Touring Car
1905 Haynes Touring Car

1905 Haynes production included a Model L Stanhope, Model M Touring Car with a detachable Tonneau and a Model K Touring Car. 1906 Haynes Production included a Model O Touring and Runabout plus a Model R five passenger Touring car.

1907 Haynes Semi-Racer
1907 Haynes Semi-Racer

The above models were dropped in 1907. New Haynes included a Model S, Model V and Model T and included the Semi-Racer shown above. These automobiles were equipped with four cylinder with 30 and 50 horsepower engines. In 1908 the Model S five passenger car remained in the line. New Model W touring cars and Model U consisted of Touring Cars, Roadsters and a Limousine. By 1909 Haynes introduced the series X Touring Car, X1 Runabout, X2 Baby Tonneau, X3 four passenger double seated roadster and the X4 2 passenger Hiker. 1910 Haynes consisted of a four cylinder 40 horsepower Model 19 Touring car and Runabout. New for 1911 was the larger 125 inch wheelbase seven passenger Model Y Touring Car equipped with a four cylinder 40 horsepower engine. In addition for 1911 was the Model 20 4 passenger Suburban, 5 passenger Touring, 2 passenger Roadster and 5 passenger Fore-Door Touring Car.

1912 Haynes Model 21
1912 Haynes Model 21

The Model 20 Speedster, Open Touring, Roadster Fore-Door Touring and the Suburban returned in 1912. Plus a full line of Model 21 and Model Y Haynes automobiles. The Haynes line expanded a great deal in 1913 and was the first year for a Haynes six cylinder engine and closed cars including a Coupe and Limo. More changes occurred in 1914 and in 1915 plus a unusual looking 3 passenger Cabriolet.

1907 Haynes Light Six
1916 Haynes Light Six

For 1916 Haynes production included Model 34, 35 and 40/41. They were built as Roadsters, Light Six Touring Cars, Kokomo Six Touring Cars plus three different 12 cylinder automobiles. New models again appeared in 1917 and they were Light Six 36, Light Six 37 and Light Twelve. 1918 and 1919 production was the same as 1917.

1907 Haynes Limousine
1920 Haynes Limousine

Production from 1920 to 1923 included as many as 15 different models. However, there was a sharpe decrease in 1924 and again in 1925. 1925 was the last production year for the Haynes. Apperson production also stopped about the same time.

1922 Haynes 55 Coupelet
1922 Haynes 55 Coupelet

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