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The Hol-Tan Automobile & The Hol-Tan Co.

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The Hol-Tan Co.
New York, NY

The Hol-Tan automobile was named after the owners E. R. Hollander and brothers G. P. and Cornelius Tangeman. The Company was located in New York City.

The Hol-Tan was also known as the Hol-Tan Moon. The Moon Motor Car Co. in St. Louis, MO built the Hol-Tan for the Hol-Tan Company. The company also sold Fiats for a short time.

The Hol-Tan Co. selected the Moon and branded it the Hol-Tan to replace the imported Fiats. They then sold the Hol-Tan to their fashionable clientele in New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

1908 Hol-Tan Touring Car
1908 Hol-Tan Touring Car

Features of the 1908 Hol-Tan included a four cylinder - valves in head - engine with a 4 1/2 inch bore x 4 1/ inch stroke that developed 28 horsepower.  It used a four speed transmission that had an early overdrive with a direct drive in third gear.

The Moon Model C with a 110 inch wheelbase became the Hol-Tan Standard that could be equipped with a Touring Car body or a two passenger Roadster. The Hol-Tan Standard sold for $3,000.00. The Moon Model D with a 121 inch wheelbase became the Hol-Tan Special that could be equipped as a Touring Car, Limousine or Landaulet. The Hol-Tan Special Touring Car sold for $3750.00. It would cost more when fitted with the Limousine and Landaulet body. The Hol-Tan Co. also advertised a $4,ooo Hol-Tan Coupe Town Car.

1908 Hol-Tan Advertisement
1908 Hol-Tan Advertisement

The Hol-Tan car was not a great success and lasted only one year, 1908. The following year, Hol-Tan once again became solely an automobile dealership. In 1910, the company turned to selling Delaunay-Belleville and Lancia automobiles.

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