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The Lexington Automobile & The Lexington Motor Co.

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The Lexington Motor Co.
Kexington, KY 1907-1910

The Lexington Motor Co.
Connersville, IN 1911-1913

The Lexington-Howard Co.
Connersville, IN 1914-1918

The Lexington Motor Co.
Connersville, IN 1918-1928

The Lexington Motor Co. was founded by Knisey Stone of Lexington, KY in 1907. He produced an American Automobile called The Lexington.

The Lexington was produced in Lexington, KY up to 1910 when the factory was moved to Connersville, IN. By 1914 due to financial problems the Lexington Motor Co. was acquired by E. W. Ansted and he formed the Lexington-Howard Co. The Lexington-Howard Co. then produced the Lexington and the Howard at the same time. In 1918, the named changed back to the Lexington Motor Company. Production of the Lexington in Connersville, IN lasted till 1928. The Lexington Motor Co. entered two short wheelbase Lexington Race Cars in the 1920 Pikes Peak Hill Climbing Race and won.

1922 Lexington Touring Car
1922 Lexington Touring Car

The first Lexington's (1907-1913) were built with four cylinder engines. Body styles included two passenger roadsters and runabouts, five passenger and seven passenger touring cars. Some limousines were also made by Lexington.

Six cylinder engines were introduced in 1914. In 1915 a "Light Six" had a 29 horsepower six cylinder and the Supreme Six was equipped with powerful forty-one horsepower engines. Some seven passenger limousine's were made with the new six cylinder engines. A larger selection of five, six and seven passenger touring cars also had six cylinder engines. The Lexington Six made the three passenger roadster very popular.

1915 Lexington Lexington-Howard Co.
1915 Lexington
Lexington-Howard Co.
1915 Lexington-Howard Co.
1915 Lexington
Lexington-Howard Co.

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In 1916, the Lexington "Thoroughbred Six" and the "Minute Man Six" touring cars were introduced. Price of the "Thoroughbred Six" was $2,875.00 and the cheaper "Minute Man Six" sold for $1,185.00. Introduced in 1916 was a new convertible sedan for $1,350.00.

1920 Lexington Lexington Motor Co.
1920 Lexington
Lexington Motor Co.
1915 Lexington-Howard Co.
1915 Lexington
Lexington-Howard Co.

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Peak production was 6,000 Lexington's in 1920. That same year the new Ansted motor was adopted and prices for most Lexington models increased. The Lexington were highly regarded by the motoring public and had advanced lines for their day. The most famous models of the 1920s were the "Lexington" and "Concord". This Indiana company went into receivership in 1923 but production continued up to 1928. The Lexington Motor Co. was purchased by the Auburn Automobile Co.

1921 Lexington
1921 Lexington - Note the Lexington Minuteman logo on radiator

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    1920 Lexington Automobile
    1920 Lexington Automobile

    Among the early American Automobile experimenters was John C. Moore, who built his first successful model in 1891. In 1907 John C. Moore designed the first Lexington Automobile as their chief engineer.

    The Lexington Automobile A Complete History
    The Lexington Automobile
    A Complete History

    by Richard A. Stanley
    ISBN-10: 0786425423
    ISBN-13: 978-0786425426

    Price & Availability

    Synopsis - This is the first book to offer the complete story of the Lexington Motor Company as well as the related Howard and Ansted cars. It follows the upstart manufacturer from initial choice of property, factory design and name selection, through relocation, World War I, ventures into auto racing, and finally a takeover by Auburn in 1927.

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