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The Marmon Automobile 1930-1933 (Part 5) & The Marmon Motor Car Co.

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The Marmon Motor Car Co.
Indianapolis, IN

In January 1930, replacements for the Marmon Model 68 (72 horsepower) and Marmon Model 78 (86 horsepower) were introduced as the Model 69 (76 horsepower) and Model 79 (107 horsepower).

The Roosevelt was renamed the Marmon-Roosevelt and received a facelift in 1930. The marquee was abandoned at the end of 1930.

The Marmon Big Eight (125 horsepower) was a new very large and powerful American Automobile that was announced in 1930. In 1931 the magnificent Marmon Sixteen was introduced. The Sixteen was equipped with a 491 cubic inch 200 horsepower V-16 engine.

1905 Marmon Touring Car
1930 Marmon Model 79 and 69 Advertisement

The new 1930 Marmon Model 69 replaced the Marmon Model 68 first introduced in 1928. A four door Sedan, two passenger Coupe, four passenger Coupe and a five passenger Speedster Phaeton were built on a 114 inch wheelbase. 1931 Marmon production models included a five passenger Phaeton, two passenger Coupe, four passenger Coupe, four passenger Brougham and four door Sedan. The Model 69 retained the L-head engine from the prior year. However the Marmon Model 69 had it's horsepower increased from 72 to 76 in 1930 and from 76 to 84 in 1931. 1931 was the last year for the Marmon Model 69.

1905 Marmon Model 79 Four Door Sedan
1931 Marmon Model 79 Four Door Sedan

The new 1930 Marmon Model 79 replaced the Marmon Model 78 first introduced in 1928. A five passenger Speedster Phaeton, two passenger Coupe, four passenger Coupe and a four door Sedan were built on a 120 inch wheelbase. 1931 Marmon production models included a five passenger Phaeton, two passenger Coupe, four passenger Coupe, five passenger Brougham and a four door Sedan. All Marmon Model 79 cars in 1930 and 1931 were equipped with a straight eight 110 horsepower engine. 1931 was the last year for the Marmon Model 79.

1931 Marmon Model 70
1931 Marmon Model 70 Sales Brochure

The Roosevelt became the Marmon-Roosevelt in 1930 and the Marmon Model 70 in 1931 and 1932. The 1930 Marmon-Roosevelt line consisted of a four door Sedan, Coupe, Victoria and Convertible Coupe. 1930 Marmon-Roosevelt production reached 9,000 units. In 1931 the Marmon-Roosevelt line featured a five passenger Phaeton, 2-4 passenger Coupe, five passenger Brougham and a four door Sedan. By 1932 the Marmon-Roosevelt line consisted of only a 2-4 passenger Coupe and the four door Sedan.

1930 Marmon Big Eight
1930 Marmon Big Eight

The Marmon Big Eight was announced in late 1929 with production starting in 1930. The luxurious new Big Eight was equipped with a 315 cubic inch 125 horsepower straight eight engine. Model designation included the "B8" in 1930, "88" in 1931 and "8-125" in 1932.

1930 Marmon Big Eight Roadster
1930 Marmon Big Eight Roadster

The 1930 Marmon Big Eight four passenger Coupe cost $2,850.00. In addition a $3,170.00 seven passenger Touring Car, $2,720.00 four door Sedan and a seven passenger Sedan. In 1931 Marmon produced the following Big Eight automobiles - seven passenger Touring Car, 2-4 passenger Coupe, four door Sedan and a seven passenger Sedan. By 1932 production was down, the Marmon Big Eight was renamed and only a 2-4 passenger Coupe and four door Sedan were produced.

1931 Marmon Sixteen
1931 Marmon Sixteen

The Marmon Sixteen's were a massive American Automobiles built on a 145 wheelbase and weighing in at almost 5,500 pounds. In appearance the new 16 cylinder Marmon was unconventional. Marmon was remarkably successful in concealing the chassis. The construction ingeniously covers springs, frame, axles, shock absorbers and other mechanical details. The sixteen had a large chrome plated V-shaped radiator shell and screen. It's radiator filler cap was placed under the hood and it's gasoline filler cap was also hidden. The windshield was slanting and the smooth curve of the roof line blends into a rounded rear quarter. The horizontal belt line extended from the radiator completely around the car giving it a low rakish appearance.

Packing 200 horsepower from an overhead value 490.8 cubic inch aluminum engine the Marmon 16 was guaranteed to do 100 MPH. This amazing engine designed by Howard C. Marmon and was advertised as "The World's Most Advanced Car"! The Marmon Sixteen coach and interior was designed by Walter D. Teague, Sr. and his young son who was a student at MIT. Production included Coupes, Sedans and a Convertible Sedan.

1932 Marmon Sixteen
1932 Marmon Sixteen Advertisement

The Marmon Sixteen was admired by the public but could be afforded by only a very few. It carried a giant price tag of $5,100.00 to $5,400.00. The Marmon Sixteen was produced in 1931, 1932 and 1933. The only automobile produced by Marmon in 1933 was the Sixteen. Like so many makes, Marmon fell victim to the Great Depression. Production in 1930 was 12,369 units, 5,687 units in 1931, 1,365 units in 1932 and only 86 Sixteen's in 1933.

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