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The Maytag-Mason Motor Co.
Waterloo, Iowa

The Maytag-Mason Motor Co. built a popular American Automobile called the Maytag from 1910 to 1915. The Maytag was named after the founder, Fred L. Maytag. In 1893 F. L. Maytag started his first business producing farm equipment and in 1907 the well known Maytag washing machine.

Fred L. Maytag purchased the Mason Automobile Co. of Des Moines, Iowa which produced the American Automobile called the Mason. The Maytag succeeded the Mason with very little change in the automobiles themselves.

Fred L. Maytag purchased the Waterloo Motor Works buildings which manufactured gasoline automobile and marine engines. The Mason Automobile Co. was purchased by Fred L. Maytag in 1909 and production of the Maytag automobile began in 1910.  The Maytag automobile is most famous for its connection with Fred S. Duesenberg who was production superintendent for a short time.

1910 Maytag Magazine Ad
1910 Maytag - Maytag-Mason Motor Co.  Waterloo, Iowa - Magazine Ad

In this 1910 Motor Age magazine ad it states that "The Maytag Formerly The Mason" and that the Maytag was "The Hill Climber" - This irresistible car has whipped them all in climbing hills, endurance, all displays of power and economy of maintenance.  Featured in this magazine ad is a Maytag Model B four passenger Toy Tonneau.

1911 Maytag Model 12 Pleasure Car
1911 Maytag Model 12 Pleasure Car

By 1911 the Maytag automobiles were known as "Pleasure Cars" as shown in the above  ad.  However this Model 12 Maytag Pleasure Car could be converted to a light Delivery Car.  This was an advantage to the businessman that used the Delivery Car in his business and converted it into a Pleasure Car for family use when needed.

1911 Maytag
1911 Maytag - The Complete Line

In 1911 The Maytag-Mason Motor Co. produced six different models ranging from a Toy Tonneau, Four, five and seven passenger Touring Cars and a very popular 2 passenger Roadster that had a boat tail body. Prices for these six models range from $1250.00 to $1750.00.

In addition the Maytag-Mason Motor Co. produced Business Cars during the five years they were in business.

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    1910 Maytag Logo
    1910 Maytag Logo

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