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The Parry Auto Co.
Indianapolis, IN

The Parry was an American Automobile manufactured by David M. Parry in Indianapolis, IN. David M. Parry owned a large horse drawn carriage business in the 1890s and built his first automobile in the early 1900s but it was not a success. In 1906, David Parry gained control of the Overland Company. However he got into financial troubles and in 1908 he sold the Overland Company to John North Willys.

By 1909, David M. Parry establish the Parry Auto Company and built four passenger Runabout's with a 4 cylinder 35 horsepower engine and five passenger Touring Car's with a 40 horsepower engine. The first automobiles were built in 1910 and about 900 units were sold. This was far less than the 5,000 units projected.

1910 Parry Touring Car
1910 Parry Touring Car

The big automobile shown below is a 1910 Parry model 30 open Touring Car. These automobiles were equipped with large 40 horsepower four cylinder overhead valve engines.

1910 Parry 30 Touring Car
1910 Parry 30 Touring Car

Do to financial problems David Parry left the company and The Parry Auto Co. restructured it self with new owners into The Motor Car Manufacturing Co. and began production of the New Parry in 1912. From 1912-1918 The Motor Car Manufacturing Co. was also producing another American Automobile called the Pathfinder. Due a labor and materials shortages caused by WWI all production stopped.

1911 New Parry Magazine Ad
1911 New Parry Speed Roadster Model 39 Magazine Ad

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