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The Pontiac Automobile 1933-1939 & The Pontiac Motor Co.

1937 Pontiac 1926-1939 Pontiac
6-29 - Standard Six
6-30 - DeLuxe Six
401 Six - Master Six
1947 Pontiac 1940-1949 Pontiac
Silver Streak - Fleetline
Deluxe Torpedo Six
Streamliner Eight
1955 Pontiac 1950-1959 Pontiac
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Pontiac 1930s
The Pontiac Motor Co.
Pontiac, Michigan

The first Pontiac automobile didn't debut until 1926 when The Oakland Motor Car Co. established it as the lower priced running mate of the higher priced American Automobile called The Oakland. Two years later, General Motors founder William Durant, acquired half of Oakland Motor Car Co. By 1931 General Motors had gained full control of The Oakland Motor Car Co. In 1931 GM dropped the Oakland line but retained the Pontiac. The Pontiac was produced by The Oakland Motor Car Co. up to 1932.

In 1933 The Oakland Motor Car Company was reorganized into The Pontiac Motor Co. Pontiac debuted an in line eight cylinder engine rated at 85 horsepower and selling for less than $600.00.

1933 Pontiac
1933 Pontiac Two Door Sedan
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Frank Hershey became Pontiac's lead designer in 1931, and Pontiac gained its own design studio within General Motors. 1933 Pontiac production included a two-four passenger roadster, two passenger Coupe, two-four passenger Sport Coupe, Convertible, four passenger Touring Sedan, four door sedan and a two door sedan. All equipped with the straight eight cylinder engine.

1934 Pontiac
1934 Pontiac Four Door Sedan

Styling in the early 1930s followed industry trends which were boxy and undistinguished. The well styled 1934 Eight completely turned Pontiac around after slow sales during the depression years. Sales went from 45,000 units in 1932 to over over 90,000 in 1934. The 1934 models shown above were some of the prettiest medium priced American Automobiles of the 1930s.

1935 Pontiac
1935 Pontiac
1936 Pontiac
1936 Pontiac
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After two years of nothing but eight cylinder automobiles, Pontiac reinstated new larger six cylinder engines for 1935 and 1936. The new 208 cubic inch sixes for 1935 were just a bigger bore version of the old 200 cubic inch sixes equipped in early Pontiac's. Surprisingly it made only four fewer horsepower than the straight eight. Standard sixes cost about $100.00 less than a comparable eight cylinder.

Models in 1935 included the 701-A Deluxe, 701-B Standard Six and the 605 Eight. Models in 1936 included the 6BA Deluxe Six, 6BB Master Six and 8BA Deluxe Eight. Coupes, two and four door Sedans, Touring Sedans, Sport Coupes and a Cabriolet were produced in 1935.

1937 Pontiac
1937 Pontiac
1938 Pontiac
1938 Pontiac
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New Styling in 1937 and 1938 for Pontiac was based on the trimmer General Motors "B" Body. A new line of larger Deluxe Sixes and Eights had a longer wheelbase, better proportions and a racy reshaped nose. Sales in 1938 were almost 100,000 units. Coupes, two and four door Sedans, Touring Sedans, Sport Coupes, Convertible, and Cabriolet. In 1937, for the first time a Station Wagon was produced.

1939 Pontiac Auto Literature
1939 Pontiac Auto Literature

In 1936, 1937, 1938 and 1939 Pontiac gained added distinction with it's "Silver Streak" trim. The Silver Streak trim was a bright metal band running forward from the cowl, over the hood and down the front of the radiator. The Silver Streak made Pontiac unmistakable and would continue doing just that for the next 20 years.

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