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The Studebaker Corporation
Detroit, MI & South Bend, IN

By 1928 Studebaker had moved most of it's operation from Detroit to South Bend, IN, where The Studebaker Corporation had erected new building.

In 1928 The Studebaker Corporation gained control of the Pierce-Arrow, an American Automobile firm based in Buffalo, NY. The association between Studebaker and Pierce-Arrow lasted only five years.

The President, Commander and Dictator was a new series of American Automobiles produced by The Studebaker Corporation in 1927 and 1928. Albert Erskine, Studebaker's president, spared no expense in his goal of making the President, Commander and Dictator the finest American Automobile on the road. However, the Great Depression starting in 1929 had devastating effect on The Studebaker Corporation.

1928 Studebaker Commander
1928 Studebaker
1928 Studebaker Dictator
1928 Studebaker
1928 Studebaker President
1928 Studebaker
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Studebaker's premium model prior to 1926 was the Studebaker Big Six. In 1928 the Big Six was renamed the President and was equipped with a 100 horsepower straight eight engine of 312.5 cubic inch. The new 1928 Studebaker Eight was designed by new chief of engineer Barney Roos and came in five body styles. Bodies in the new models were low and sweeping with deeply crowned fenders. They were priced from $1,985.00 to $2,485.00

1929 Studebaker President Victoria
1929 Studebaker President Victoria

Positioned between the President and the Dictator, the Commander was the Studebaker mid priced automobile known for its durability and toughness. The Commander was a bigger automobile than the dictator but smaller than the President. The 1929 Studebaker Commander consisted of 12 models in either the standard or Regal trim. The 12 models were made up of Roadsters, Touring Cars, Coupes, Sedans, Victoria, Brougham and Convertible body styles.

1929 Studebaker Commander Brougham
1929 Studebaker Commander Brougham

The Dictator was smaller than the President and Commander and was actually the continuation of the 1925-26 Standard Six with the same engine and 113 inch wheelbase. Most of the body styles for the Dictator were closed, but there were also early Phaetons, Touring Cars and Cabriolets. In the 1930s convertibles and roadsters were produced. At the time the name makers at Studebaker could not have dreamed that a man named Hitler was about to come to power in Europe and bring disgrace to the name. By 1937 the Dictator was quietly dropped from the Studebaker line.

1929 Studebaker Dictator
1929 Studebaker Dictator

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1929 Studebaker
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