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Waltham Orient
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Waltham, MA

The Orient Buckboard was introduced in 1903. This American Automobile built by The Waltham Mfg. Company was made up to 1908. In 1905 The Waltham Mfg. Company introduced the Waltham Orient.

The Waltham Orient was much larger than the Orient Buckboard. Both the Orient Buckboard and Waltham Orient were offered by The Waltham Manufacturing Co. from 1905 to 1908.

The early Waltham Orient automobile were equipped with air cooled four cylinder rated at 20 horsepower. The engine was mounted in front in the conventional manner unlike the rear engine Orient Buckboard. A friction drive transmission and shaft drive made up the final drive.

1905 Waltham Orient
1905 Waltham Orient

The first Waltham Orient was a Model de Luxe. This advertisement claimed A "Waltham Product Built Like The Watches" and "It is designed by the highest salaried engineers in America - Men with years of experience in the French factories."

1906 Waltham Orient
1906 Waltham Orient

This 1906 advertisement claimed that "The Waltham-Orient Was The Leading American Car Of Its Price" and "Five Models For 1906". These five models included Waltham Orient Model R and P Special ($2250.00) and a Model N Tourist (2,000.00) all with a four cylinder 20 horsepower engine. In addition three 16 horsepower automobiles - a model L Tourist, model M Runabout with a detachable Tonneau, model K two passenger Runabout.

1907 Waltham Orient
1907 Waltham Orient

Waltham production figures were down in 1907 and 1908. The same model Waltham Orient's and Orient Buckboards were offered. In 1908, the Waltham Manufacturing Company ran into financial trouble and the owners wanted Charles Metz to come back. Charles Metz's association with The Waltham Manufacturing Company ended in 1902 and in 1908 he returned as the new owner. To get the company out of debt Metz stopped production of both the Waltham Orient and the Orient buckboard and designed the 1909 Metz Plan car.

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