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Zent - Zent Automobile Mfg. Co. Bellefontaine, OH 1904-1906
Zent - Bellefontaine Automobile Co. Bellefontaine, OH 1907
Zentmobile - The Single Center Buggy Co. Evansville, IN 1900-1903
Ziebel - A. C. Ziebel Cyclecars Oshkosh, WI 1914-1915
Zimmerman - Zimmerman Mfg. Co. Auburn, IN 1908-1914
Zip - Zip Cyclecar Co. Davenport, IA 1913-1914

1909 Vintage Magazine Ad
1909 Vintage Magazine Ad

This 1909 vintage magazine ad features two American Automobile including one of the first, the Duryea's Buggyaut and the Zimmerman Auto-Runabout. Addition advertising The Ideal Switch Co. makers of early ignition switches and Packard Ignition Cable made by the Packard Electric Company of Warren, Ohio

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