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The American LaFrance Automobile & The American LaFrance Fire Engine Co.

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American LaFrance
The American LaFrance Fire Engine Co.
Elmira, New York

The American LaFrance Fire Engine Co. is more famous for American made firetrucks than their American Automobile called the American LaFrance Speedster or American LaFrance Type 8.

Only about 25 American LaFrance automobiles were made. Some were roadsters and other were Touring Cars.

American La France Speedster At The Auto Technik Museum in Germany

1918 American LaFrance
1918 American LaFrance

This Restored American LaFrance had a large, fast and powerful four cylinder engine. Equipped with a three speed transmission, double chain drive the American LaFrance was capable of high speeds on the highway. Other features included leather bucket seats, spot light, electric start, electric lamps and twenty five inch wheels

Restored American LaFrance
Restored American LaFrance

Note the snake head on the fender. The other end was attached to the horn bulb.

This 1915 American LaFrance was equipped with a
four cylinder engine that had 580 cubic inches.

1921 American LaFrance Fire Engine Co. Advertisement
1921 American LaFrance Fire Engine Co. Advertisement

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