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The Auburn Automobile 1920-1929 & The Auburn Automobile Co.

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The Auburn Automobile Co.
Auburn, Indiana

The 1920s brought many changes for The Auburn Automobile Co. and the American Automobile called the Auburn. First was the Beauty Six introduced in 1919 by Auburn. (See Auburn 1910-1919). Then came the larger engines on the Auburn 6-43, 6-63 and 8-88. Finally in 1924 the owners of The Auburn Automobile Co. brought in as general manager 30 year old Erret Lobban Cord. Cord had the Auburn completely re-styled by J. M. Crawford. In two years Cord was president of The Auburn Automobile Co.

1920 Auburn Beauty Six
1920 Auburn Beauty Six
1920 Auburn Beauty Six
1920 Auburn Beauty Six
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In 1919 and 1920 five Auburn Beauty Six model were available. A $1,695.00 Model 6-39 H Touring Car, 6-39 K Tourster and a 6-39 Roadster. Two closed automobiles included a Auburn 6-39 Sedan five passenger and a 6-39 Coupe both selling for $2,475.00. During the Beauty Six era, Auburn used Continental Red Seal engines and eye catching styling. It's improved styling was followed in 1921 by the 6-51 Sports model. The Auburn Sports model had cycle typed wings, step plates instead of running boards and the unusual feature of a small luggage compartment behind the front wheels.

1923 Auburn 6-63 Touring Car
1923 Auburn 6-63 Touring Car
1923 Auburn 6-43 Touring Car
1923 Auburn 6-43 Touring Car
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Eight Auburn models were offered in 1923 by The Auburn Automobile Co. All were equipped with the new 70 miles per hour Six Supreme engine. Models included the following - $1,095.00 model 6-43 five passenger Touring Car, $1,465.00 model 6-43 Touring Sedan, $1,275.00 model 6-51 five passenger Touring Car, $1,345.00 model 6-51 seven passenger Touring Car, $1,650.00 model 6-63 five passenger Touring Car, $1,895.00 model 6-51 Sport, $1,965.00 model 6-51 Brougham and $2,245.00 model 6-51 five passenger Sedan with two extra seats. 1923 advertising claims "Once An Owner - Always A Friend"

1925 Auburn Touring Car - Model 6-43
1925 Auburn Touring Car - Model 6-43

This 1925 Auburn five passenger Special Touring Car had the following specifications - Six cylinder water cooled engine rated at 23.44 horsepower, selective sliding three speed transmission, dry disc clutch, shaft drive, 114 inch wheelbase, 31 inch x 5.77 wheels and tires and blue or maroon paint. Additional features included tools, jack, speedometer, ammeter, electric horn, ignition theft lock, demountable rims, spare tire and carrier, cowl ventilator, headlight dimmer and the closed 1925 Auburns had heaters and dome lights.

1926 Auburn Coupe
1926 Auburn Coupe
1926 Auburn Model 4-44
1926 Auburn Model 4-44
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In 1925 and 1926 General Manager E. L. Cord introduced the 8-88, a series equipped with Lycoming's new big eight cylinder engines. The 8-88 helped Auburn to reach record sales in 1926 and 1927. The company added a 8-88 seven passenger sedan on 146 inch wheelbase and it was the longest American Automobile then in production.

In 1926 Cord became president of The Auburn Automobile Co. at the age of 32. Now president of Auburn, Cord bought Lycoming Foundry & Machine Co. of Williamsport, PA together with Duesenberg Motor Co. of Indianapolis. Wanting to assure himself of ample facilities for expanded production, Cord also purchased a Connersville, Indiana body making company and the Limousine Body Co. of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

1927 Auburn Coupe
1927 Auburn Coupe
1928 Auburn Sedan Model 120
1928 Auburn Sedan Model 120
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E. L. Cord's original 8-88 models consisted of a Roadster with a rumble seat, Brougham and a Sedan. The Cabriolet introduced in 1927 became Auburn's first convertible and had a top speed of 80 miles per hour. That same year the Brougham was renamed the Sport Sedan and two Touring Cars were added. The Auburn 8-88 were very popular and set many stock car records in 1927 and 1928 for speed and endurance.

Even more popular in 1928 was the Auburn Speedster with its pointed boat tail, larger fenders and raked windshield. The Speedster was Auburn's new top of the line automobile. It was very fast and with optional high compression cylinder heads was clocked doing 108.5 MPH at Daytona Beach. See Auburn 1930-1937 for more detailed information on the Auburn Boattail Speedster.

1929 Auburn Model 120
1929 Auburn Model 120
1929 Auburn Phaeton Sedan
1929 Auburn Phaeton Sedan
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Advertising claims for the above $2,095 Auburn model 120 Phaeton Sedan was "A Good Investment". This 130 inch wheelbase Auburn had a 125 horsepower straight eight engine with hydraulic four wheel brakes and hydraulic shock absorbers. Auburn's model 120 was a high end convertible or closed car. With the top down the Auburn was a four door open Touring Car and all four door glasses could be raised and lowered at will. Other model 120 Auburn's included a $1,895.00 five passenger Sedan, $1,795.00 Sport Sedan, $1,895.00 Speedster, $1,895.00 Cabriolet and $1,895.00 Victoria. All on a 130 inch wheelbase.

1929 Auburn Model 6-80
1929 Auburn Model 6-80
1929 Auburn Model 8-90
1929 Auburn Model 8-90
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The 1929 Auburn model 6-80 was produced as a $1,095.00 five passenger Sedan, $995.00 Sport Sedan, $1,095.00 Cabriolet and a four passenger Victoria that was priced at $1,095. The Sport Sedans featured above had a 120 inch wheelbase, a six cylinder engine that developed almost 20 horsepower, three speed transmission and many optional colors including two tones.

The 1929 Auburn model 8-90 was produced as a $1,495.00 five passenger Sedan, $1,395.00 Sport Sedan, $1,495.00 two passenger Speedster, $1,495.00 Cabriolet, $1,495.00 Victoria, $1,505.00 seven passenger Sedan and a popular Phaeton Sedan that was priced at $1,695.00. 8-90 features included a 125 inch wheelbase, eight cylinder engine that was rated at 26 horsepower, optional colors, three speed standard transmission and 30 inch x 6 inch wheels and tires.

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