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The American Cyclecar can perhaps be considered a first cousin of the American motorcycle or American bicycle. About 125 different makes of Cyclecars were manufactured in the United States. Most of them appearing between 1910 and 1916. This was the popular era of the extreme light weight automobile, and many were equipped with motorcycle tires and wheels. Two cylinder air cooled engines and four cylinder water cooled engines were used by many of the cyclecar makers, and in some cases belts were used for final drive instead of chains or drive shafts. Perhaps the most unique Cyclecar of all was the Imp manufactured in Auburn, Indiana. These light cars were considered exceptionally maneuverable and the better models traveled from 40 to 50 miles or better on a gallon of gas.

American Cyclecar Name / Manufacturers Name

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American (1) - American Cyclecar Co. Detroit, MI 1912
    Before production this company was sold to Alexander H. and Isaac B. Trumbull
Acme - (see Xenia Cyclecar)
American (2) - American Cyclecar Co. Seattle, WA 1914
    At a cost of $350.00 the American Cyclecar had 3 cylinder 2 cycle engine.
Argo - Argo Motor Co. Jackson, MI 1914-1916
    Based on the French Ajax with 4 cylinder 12 HP engine.
Arrow - National United Service Co. Detroit, MI 1914
    4 cylinder friction drive Cyclecar.
Arrow - M.C. Whitmore Co. Dayton, OH 1914
    Manufacturer called this Cyclecar a "Light Car" with a 4 cylinder engine.
Asheville - Asheville Light Car Co. Asheville, NC 1914-1915
    The Asheville Cyclecar used a 7 HP Indian motorcycle engine.
Autoette - Manistee Motor Car Co. Manistee, MI 1910-1913
    A 2 passenger roadster with small wheels and a 1 cylinder 5 HP engine.
Autoette - Autoette Co. Christman, IL
    This Autoette used a large 9 HP engine with 2 forward speeds and a reverse.
Auto Red Bug - Automobile Electrical Service Co. Newark, NJ 1924-1926
Auto Red Bug - Standard Automobile Corp. North Bergen, NJ 1926-1930
   Powered by a fifth wheel motor or electric 12 volt battery.
Auto Tri-Car - A.E. Osborn New York, NY 1914
    A 3 wheeled Cyclecar with a small 1 cylinder engine and tiller steering.
Bantam - Bantam Motor Co. Boston, MA 1914
    A short lived Cyclecar with an air cooled V-twin engine that cost $385.00 in 1914.
Beisel - Beisel Motorrette Co. Monroe, MI 1914
    This Cyclecar used a 4 cylinder Prugh engine and a friction transmission.
Billiken - Milwaukee Cycle Car Co. Milwaukee, WI 1914
    Only one car built in 1914.
Brasie - Brasie Motor Car Co. Minneapolis, MN 1914-1916
    This Company also produced trucks along with Cyclecars.
Briggs & Stratton Flyer - Briggs & Stratton Co. Milwaukee, WI 1920-1923
    This Flyer was powered by a fifth wheel motor.
Brooke-Spacke - Spacke Machine & Tool Co. Indianapolis, IN 1920-1921
    Too crude, drafty, noisy, cramped for most American motorists.
Brown - Brown Cyclecar Co. Asbury Park, NJ 1914
    A 2 passenger roadster with a 2 cylinder Spacke engine.
Buckaroo - Cleveland, OH 1957
    Built in 1957 with a speed of 18 MPH.
Buckles - T.E. Buckles Manchester, OK 1914
    A small Cyclecar with a 2 cylinder air cooled Spacke engine.
Burrows - Burrows Cyclecar Co. Ripley, NY 1914
    The Burrows used a 9 HP 2 cylinder air cooled engine.
B-Z-T - B-Z-T Cyclecar Co. Owego, NY 1914
    The B-Z-T Cyclecar used a V-twin 12 HP engine.
California - California Cycle Car Co. Los Angeles, CA 1913
    Only in production 1 year, used a 2 cylinder air cooled engine.
Car-Nation - American Voiturette Co. Detroit, MI 1912-1914
    A $495.00 Cyclecar with a 4 cylinder air cooled engine.
Chatauqua - Chatauqua Cyclecar Co. Jamestown, NY 1913-1914
    A two passenger Cyclecar with a two cylinder 12 HP engine.
Chelsea - Chelsea Mfg. Co. Newark, NJ
    A side by side 2 passenger Cyclecar that sold for $390.00.
Cleveland - Cleveland Motor Car Co. Cleveland, OH 1904-1909
   Known as the "Aristocrat of Cyclecars.
Coey - Coey Motor Co. Chicago, IL 1913-1917
   The Coey was available as a Cyclecar and full sized car.
Columbia - (Company name not known) Seattle, WA 1914
   Used a 2 cylinder engine with overhead valves, friction transmission and drive belts.
Comet - Comet Cyclecar Co. & Economy Cyclecar Co. Indianapolis, IN 1914-1915
   A 2 passenger Cyclecar with an air cooled 2 cylinder engine.
Continental - Indiana Motor & Mfg. Co. Minneapolis, MN
   Equipped with a air cooled T-head engine of 4 cylinder.
Cornelian - Blood Bros. Machine Co. Allegan, MI 1914-1915
   This Cyclecar had a 4 cylinder Sterling engine.
Cricket - Cricket Cyclecar Co. Detroit, MI 1914
   A small Cyclecar powered by a 2 cylinder engine and 2 speed transmission.
Crown - Crown Motor Car Co. Louisville, KY 1913-1914
   The Crown was a 2 passenger Cyclecar priced at $385.00 in 1914.
Crowther - The Crowther Motors Co. Philadelphia, PA 1915-1916
   The Crowther was $450.00 Cyclecar.
Crowther-Duryea Cyclecar - The Crowther-Duryea Motor Co. Rochester, NY 1916-1917
   A joint effort of Henry Crowther and Charles E. Duryea
Cub - Szekely Cyclecar Co. Richmond, VA 1914
   Equipped with a 2 cylinder V-type air cooled engine.
Culver - Culver Mfg. Co. Culver City, CA 1916
   A single cylinder air cooled vehicle.
Cycleplane - The Cycleplane Co. Westerly, RI 1914-1915
   Three models produced all with Deluxe engines.
Dart - Automatic Registering Machine Co. Jamestown, NY 1914
   This Cyclecar was built by the worlds largest voting machine maker.
Davis - Davis Cyclecar Co. Detroit, MI 1914
   Used a popular 2 cylinder air cooled Spacke engine.
Dayton - Dayton Cyclecar Co. & Crusader Motor Car Co. Joliet, IL 1913-1914
   The frame of this Cyclecar was built of ash wood.
De Cross - De Cross Cyclecar Co. Cincinnati, OH 1913-1914
   Unusual Cyclecar with driver's controls in the rear seat.
Detroit - Detroit Cyclecar Co. Detroit, MI 1913-1914
   The price of this Cyclecar in 1913 was $375.00
Diamond - Cyclecar Co. of Wilmington Wilmington, DE
   Two passenger, heavy Cyclecar - 500 pounds.
Disbrow - Disbrow Motors Corp. Cleveland, OH 1917-1918
   Built by Louis Disbrow a well known racing driver.
Dodge - A. M. Dodge Co. Detroit, MI 1914-1915
   A larger than usual Cyclecar.
Downing-Detroit - Downing Motor Car Co. Detroit, MI 1913-1915
   2 models one with an air cooled engine and the other water cooled.
Driggs-Seabury - Driggs-Seabury Ordnance Corp. Sharon, PA 1915-1916
   Built both open and closed Cyclecars.
Dudly Bug - Dudly Tool Co. Menominee, MI 1913-1915
   A small Ash framed Cyclecar.
Dumore - American Motor Vehicle Co. Lafayette, IN 1918
   This Cyclecar was a 2 passenger roadster.
Dunn - Dunn Motor Works Oghenburg, NY 1914-1918
   Small cheap Cyclecar that sold for $295.00.
Duryea - Cresson-Morris Co. Philadelphia, PA 1914-1915
   Designed by Charles E. Duryea.
Duryea Gem - Duryea Motor Inc. Philadelphia, PA 1916
   This was a 3 wheel Cyclecar.
Eagle Macomber - Eagle-Macomber Motor Co. Sundusky, OH 1914-1918
   This Cyclecar was known as the Eagle-Macomber.
Eastman - Eastman Automobile Co. Cleveland, OH 1899-1902
   The first American Automobile all steel body.
Economy - Economy Car Co. Indianapolis, IN 1914
   This Cyclecar used a 2 cylinder Spacke engine.
Economycar - Economycar Co. Providence, RI 1913-1914
   This was a 2 passenger Cyclecar.
E.I.M. - Eastern Motor Car Co. Richmond, IN 1915
   Only 1 model produced for only 1 year.
Elbert - Elbert Car Co. Seattle, WI 1914
   A very low priced Cyclecar at $295.00.
Electronic La Saetta - Electronic Motor Car Corp. Salt Lake City, Utah 1955
   Referred to as a Turbo-electric car.
Electronomic - (see Hood)
Engler - W. B. Engler Cyclecar Co. Pontiac, MI 1914-1915
   This Cyclecar used a Deluxe air cooled engine.
Euclid - Euclid Motor Car Co. Cleveland, OH 1914
   Described as a cycle-light car.
Excel - Excel Distributing Co. Detroit, MI 1914
   A very heavy two passenger Cyclecar.
Falcon - Falcon Cyclecar Co. Cleveland, OH 1914
   The Falcon was an attractive 10 HP Cyclecar.
Fauber - W. H. Fauber, New York, NY 1914
   Powered by a 8 HP 2 cylinder air cooled engine.
Faultless - 1914
   Unknown, only found in catalogs
Fedelia - J.H. Sizelan Co. East Cleveland, OH 1913-1914
   The body on this Cyclecar had a boat tail shape.
Flagler - Flagler Cyclecar Co. Sheboygan, WI 1914-1915
   Shaft driven, positive geared transmission with a 4 cylinder engine.
Frederickson - Frederickson Patents Co. Chicago, IL 1914
   A $375.00 Cyclecar with a 2 cylinder engine.
Gadabout - Gadabout Motor Corp. Newark, NJ 1915
   An unusual feature of this Cyclecar was it's Wicker Body.
Gray - Gray Light Car Corp. Longmont, and Denver, CO 1920
   Only two Gray Cyclecars were built.
Greyhound - Greyhound Cyclecar Co. Toledo, OH 1914-1915
   This was a 2 passenger Cyclecar.
Hall - Hall Cyclecar Mfg. Co. Waco, TX 1914
   The Hall was a Cyclecar that could be converted into a delivery truck.
Hanover - Hanover Motor Car Co. Hanover, PA 1921-1924
   800 units of this Cyclecar were made and all were exported to Japan.
Hawk - Hawk Cyclecar Co. Detroit, MI 1914
   A belt driven Cyclecar that sold for $390.00.
Hawkins - (see Xenia)
Hoosier Scout - Hoosier Cyclecar Co. Indianapolis, IN 1914
   A Cyclecar with an unusual boat-tail rear body line.
Hyslop - Hyslop & Clark Toledo, OH - 1915
   The Hyslop used a 4 cylinder water cooled engine.
Ideal - The Ideal Shop Buffalo, NY 1914
   Built as a single passenger and a two passenger car.
Imp - W. H. McIntyre Co. Auburn, IN 1913-1914
   This Cyclecar used a twin cylinder air cooled engine.
JPL - La Vigne - J.P.I. Cyclecar Co. Detroit, MI 1913
   Named for J. P. La Vigne who was an American Automobile engineer.
Keller Kar - Keller Cyclecar Corp. Chicago, IL 1914-1915
   A Cyclecar with a 2 cylinder air cooled engine.
Koppin - Koppin Motor Co. Fenton, MI 1915
   The DeLuxe engine was used on this Cyclecar.
Laconia - H. H. Buffum Laconia, NH 1914
   Features include an aluminum body and air cooled engine.
Liberty - Belmont Auto Mfg Co. New Haven, CT 1914
   Engine was a V-Twin and air cooled developing 15 HP.
Little Detroit Speedster - Detroit Cyclecar Co. Detroit, MI 1913-1914
   The hood on this Cyclecar had a peculiar shape.
Little Princess - Princess Cyclecar Co. Detroit, MI 1913-1914
   2 passenger and 4 passenger Cyclecar were produced.
Logan - Northwestern Motorcycle Works, Chicago, IL 1914
   A 2 passenger Cyclecar priced at $375.00.
Los Angeles - Los Angeles Cycle Car Co. Buffalo, NY 1913-1915
   Chassis made in Buffalo while bodies were made in L.A.
Lu-Lu - Kearns Motor Truck Co. Beavertown, PA 1914
   Shaft driven by a 14 Horsepower engine.
Malcolm - Malcolm Jones Cyclecar Co. Detroit, MI 1914-1915
   This Cyclecar had a single headlight inset in the hood.
Mecca - Mecca Motor Car Co. Teaneck, NJ 1914-1915
   Used a 4 cylinder 95 cubic inch water cooled engine.
Mercury - Mercury Cyclecar Co. Detroit, MI 1914
   Different in that it used a self supporting body with no frame.
Merkel - J. F. Merkel Middletown, OH 1914
   Said to be a heavy 2 passenger Cyclecar.
Merz - Merz Cyclecar Co. Indianapolis, IN 1914-1915
   Featured a single headlight inset above false radiator.
Mino - Mino Cyclecar Co. New Orleans, LA 1914
   A $350.00 Cyclecar produced only in 1914.
Morse - Morse Cyclecar Co. East Pittsburgh, PA 1914-1917
   Produced Cyclecars with steel and aluminum bodies.
O-We-Go - O-We-Go Car Co. Owego, NY 1914-1915
   A 2 passenger Cyclecar with a V-twin engine.
Pacific - Portland Cyclecar Co. Portland, OR 1914
   This Cyclecar was replaced by a full size car called the Portland.
Packet - Packet Motor Car Mfg. Co. Minneapolis, MN 1916-1917
   This Cyclecar was formerly known as the Brasie.
P. E. T. - P. E. Teats Detroit, MI 1914
   This Cyclecar had a 4 Cylinder engine.
Peter Pan - Randall Co. Quincy, Mass. 1914-1915
   This cyclecar had an unusual V shaped radiator.
Peters-Walton-Ludlow - Peters-Walton-Ludlow Auto Engineering Co. Philadelphia, PA 1915
   A large Cyclecar with seating for 5 passengers.
Pioneer - American Mfg Co. Chicago, IL 1914
   Used a 9 horsepower air cooled engine.
Pridemore - Pridemore Machine Works Northfield, MN 1914-1915
   Unusual Cyclecar with an underslung chassis.
Puritan - Puritan Motor Co. Chicago, IL 1913-1914
   Powered by a Deluxe 10 HP engine.
Railsbach - L. M. Railsbach, Saginaw, MI 1914
Real - H. Paul Prigg Co. Anderson, IN 1914-1915
   A Cyclecar that had a Spruce frame instead of steel.
Red Arrow - Red Arrow Automobile Co. Orange, MA 1915
Red Bug - (See Auto Red Bug)
   A Cyclecar that was produced only in 1915.
Remington - Remington Motor Co. Rahway, NJ 1914-1915
   Began as a Cyclecar then produced a V-8 automobile.
Rex - Rex Motor Co. Detroit, MI 1914
   Two passenger Cyclecar of 18 horsepower.
Ritz - Ritz Cycecar Co. New York, NY 1914
Ritz - Driggs-Seabury Ordnance Corp. Sharon, PA 1915
   Advertising claimed - The Miniature Car For Everyone.
Robe - W. R. Robie Co. Portsmouth, OH 1914
   The Robe was a Cyclecar with a 4 cylinder engine.
Robie - Robie Motor Car Co. Detroit, MI 1914
   This cyclecar used a 4 cylinder Perkins engine.
Saginaw - Valley Boat & Engine Co. Saginaw, MI
   A belt driven 2 passenger Cycle Car.
Salvador - Salvador Motor Co. Boston, MA - 1914
   Equipped with an unusual "Gearless Differential.
Scharf Gearless - Scharf Gearless Cycle Car Co. Westerville, OH 1914
   The Cyclecar used a Gearless Transmission.
Sharon - Driggs-Seabury Ordnance Corp. Sharon, PA 1915
   This Cyclecar was equipped with an underslung chassis.
Sharp - Sharp Engineering & Mfg. Co. Detroit, MI 1914-1915
   At $295.00 this was a cheap Cyclecar.
Signet - Fenton Engineering Co. Fenton, MI 1913-1914
   Powered by a DeLuxe 2 cylinder engine.
Smith Flyer - A.O. Smith Milwaukee, WI 1917-1920
   Powered by a fifth wheel motor.
Snyder - Snyder Motor & Mfg. Co. Cleveland, OH 1914
   Produced 3 different 2 passenger models.
Sprite - W. S. Frasier & Co. Aurora, IL 1914
   A 2 passenger side by side Cyclecar.
Standard - Standard Engineering Co. Chicago, IL 1914
   Powered by a 2 cylinder Spacke engine.
Steco - Stephens Co. Chicago, IL 1914
   Wood frame made of Ash.
Steele - The William Steele Co. Worcester, MA 1915
   Produced mainly truck but did make some Cyclecars.
Stickney - Charles A. Stickney Co. St Paul, MN 1914
   Unusual in that driver controls were in rear seat.
Tiger - Automobile Cyclecar Co. Detroit, MI 1914
   Powered by a four cylinder Farmer engine.
Tilicum - Yukon Auto Shop Seattle, WA 1914
   An unusual Cyclecar in that the rear axle moved to provide torque.
Toledo - Toledo Autocycle Car Co. Toledo, OH 1913
   Also known as a Autocycle.
True - Badger Brass Mfg. Co. Kenosha, WI 1914
   A 2 passenger tandem Cyclecar with rear seat controls.
Trumbull - American Cyclecar Co. Bridgeport, CT 1913-1914
Trumbull - Trumbull Motor Car Co. Bridgeport, CT 1915
   The Trumbull was a high quality Cyclecar.
Twin City - Twin City Cyclecar Co. Minneapolis, MN 1914
   A Cyclecar with 20 HP 4 cylinder engine.
Twombly - Twombly Car Corp. Nutley, NJ 1913-1915
   A $660.00 Cyclecar with a four cylinder engine.
United - National United Service Co. Detroit, MI 1914
   A side by side two passenger Cyclecar.
Ward - Ward Cyclecar Co. Milwaukee, WI 1914
   Two models available, one with a 2 cylinder and the other a 4 cylinder engine.
White - White Mfg Co. Waterloo, IA 1914
   Used a 9 horsepower V-Twin engine.
Wichita - Wichita Falls Motor Co. Wichita Falls, TX 1914
   The entire front axle pivoted for steering on this Cyclecar.
Woods Mobilette - Woods Mobilette Co. Harvey, IL 1914-1916
   America's First Cycle-Car.
Xenia - Hawkins Cyclecar Co. Xenia, OH 1914-1915
   This Cyclecar was also called the Acme and Hawkins.
Ziebel - A. C. Ziebel Cyclecars Oshkosh, WI 1914-1915
   This Cyclecar was built in Oshkosh, WI
Zip - Zip Cyclecar Co. Davenport, IA 1913-1914
   This Cyclecar was equipped with a four cylinder engine.

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