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The Daniels Motor Car Co.
Reading, PA

George E. Daniels and Neff E. Paris formed The Daniels Motor Car Co. in 1915. The Daniels Motor Car Company first produced American Automobiles in 1916. For eight years they made large, expensive luxury cars of high quality from in an old coach factory at Reading PA.

George Daniels was an excellent lawyer, engineer and mechanic while Neff Paris produced automobile parts and frames.

In addition George Daniels worked in the automotive field for ten years as head of Buick Motor Car Co. distribution in eastern Pennsylvania, Vice President and General Manager of the Oakland Motor Car Company and was a member of the original board of directors of General Motors. Neff Parish owned a company that manufactured automobile frames for several expensive makes of passenger cars including frames for the Pierce-Arrow.

1916 Daniels Eight Cylinder Speedster
1916 Daniels Eight Cylinder Speedster Model A

The first Daniels automobiles were a Model "A" and about 300 cars were produced. The Daniels Model "A" used a 34 horsepower eight cylinder V-8 engine made by Herchell-Spillman Co. of North Tonawanda, NY. A two passenger Roadster or Speedster (shown above), Four passenger Touring Car, Seven passenger Limousine and a Landaulet were produced in 1916. All were produced with a 127 inch wheel base.

Daniels Three Passenger Coupe
Daniels Three Passenger Coupe Model B

In 1917 and 1918 the now popular Model "A" and a new Model "B" also with a 127 inch wheel base were produced by The Daniels Motor Car Co. The Model "A" and "B" production included a Roadster, Touring Car, Cabriolet, Sedan, Brougham, Limousine and a Berline. Prices ranged from $3,100.00 to $5,200.00.

Daniels Coupe Model B
Daniels Cloverleaf Coupe - Three Passenger Model B

In 1919 the Model "C" came out along with the first Daniels built engine. However, only one or two hundred Daniels Model "C" were built due to Daniels engine design problems. A new and improved Daniels V-8 engine was introduced in 1920 on the Daniels Model "D". The new and improved Daniels engine had more horsepower and the Daniels Model "D" was much better mechanically than previous model "C".

1920 Daniels Eight<br>Touring Car Model D-7
1920 Daniels Eight
Touring Car Model D-7
1921 Daniels Eight<br>Touring Car Model D
1921 Daniels Eight
Touring Car Model D
Click on image above to see full size!

The 1920 Daniels Model "D" was made in seven different body styles. (1) $4,750.00 seven passenger Touring Car, (2) $4,750.00 four passenger Touring Car, (3) $4,750 two passenger Roadster (4) $4,750.00 three passenger Coupe, (5) $6,250.00 four door Sedan, (6) $6,250.00 Suburban, (7) $6,250.00 Limousine.

The 1921 Daniels Model "D" was also made in seven different body styles. 1921 saw changes in both body styles and price. (1) $5,689.00 Four passenger Touring Car, (2) $5,350.00 two passenger Speedster, (3) $5,350.00 three passenger Roadster, (4) $5,350.00 six passenger Touring Car, (5) $6,250.00 three passenger Coupe, (6) $6,500.00 Collapsible Winter Roadster and (7) $6,950.00 four passenger Sedan.

1922 Daniels Eight<br>Touring Car Model D-19
1922 Daniels Eight
Touring Car Model D-19
1922 Daniels Town Brougham
1922 Daniels Town Brougham
Click on image above to see full size!

Seven body styles continued at The Daniels Motor Co. for 1922. (1) $5,350.00 four passenger Touring Car, (2) $5,350.00 seven passenger Touring Car, (3) $5,350.00 two passenger Speedster, (4) $6,250.00 three passenger Coupe, (5) $7,000.00 four passenger Sedan, (6) $7025.00 Suburban and (7) $7,250.00 Broughan.

1920, 1921 and 1922 Daniels Model "D" specifications include optional paint, left side driver, 132 inch wheel base, electric starter, electric lights, speedometer, ammeter, voltmeter, clock, tire pump, electric horn and demountable rims.

Daniels Submarine Speedster Model D
1922 Daniels Submarine Speedster - Model D

In addition to the above specifications the Daniels used nickel plated cellular radiators, duplex centrifugal water pumps, Zenith or Stromberg carburetors, Brown-Lipe three speed transmission, Williard Battery, Westinghouse Generator, dry multiple disc clutch, 15 inch brake drums and full floating axle.

Daniels Victoria Touring Model D
1922 Daniels Victoria Touring - Model D

The Daniels was advertised as "The Distinguished Car With Just A Little More Power Than You'll Ever Need". The Daniels were made in Reading, PA but had 15 to 20 agents all over the United States. By the 1920s the Daniels although not widely known had a good reputation.

Daniels Suburban Limousine Model D
1922 Daniels Suburban Limousine - Model D

Although the body design changed very little in the ten years of manufacturing, each car was slightly different than any other one. There was no stock models built. Each Daniel automobile was made for an individual customer. The Daniels were considered made of "European Craftsmanship" and "American Experience".

Daniels Town Brougham Model D
1922 Daniels Town Brougham - Model D

The 34 horsepower Herschell Spillman V-8 Engines gave plenty of power and speed for the Daniels automobile. Specifications included a 3 1/4 inch bore and a 5 inch stroke, L-head, cylinders cast in two blocks of four each, two bolt cap construction, Force feed lubrication and Westinghouse ignition.

1917 Herschell-Spillman-Engine
1917 Herschell Spillman V-8 Engine

The total output of the Herschell Spillman Engine Co. was purchased by another American Automobile Company in 1919. So the Daniels company started producing their own engine. The Daniels engine looked a good deal like the Herschell Spillman V-8 Engines. Horsepower was increase and after some experimenting the quality got better also. The Daniels engine made the 1920s Daniels noticeably more powerful than most other cars on the road.

1919 Daniels Made V-8 Engine
1919 Daniels Made V-8 Engine

Internal business problems led to The Daniels Motor Car Co. being sold to The Levine Motors in Philadelphia in 1924. Levine Motors was a company that brought up failing American Automobile companys to sell parts and services in the years to come.

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