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1933 Ford production ended in December of 1933. 1934 Ford models began to appear at Ford show rooms in January of 1934. Calendar year production was over 880,000 units. Up over 300,000 from 1933.

The 1934 Ford was smoother in appearance but with very few visual changes.

Changes included straight hood louvers instead of curved and minor changes to the V-8 hub cap. The same grille form was continued for 1934 with some changes. The 1934 version had fewer vertical bars and it's chrome frame was deeper and flatter. The V-8 grille ornament also went through some changes.

1934 Ford Roadster
1934 Ford Roadster

Other 1934 Ford changes included smaller head lights, smaller cowl lights, two instead of one hood handle and three instead of two body pin stripes. In addition on all 1934 models, fenders were painted the same as body colors. 1934 Ford Deluxe was easily distinguished from Ford Standard by pin striping, cowl lights, twin horns under the head lights and two tail lights.

1934 Ford Phaeton
1934 Ford Phaeton

The 1934 Ford Roadster Model 40 and Model C was produced in a Deluxe body style only. The Roadster Model 40 was equipped with the Ford flathead V-8 and the Model C was equipped with the old standby four cylinder. Both standard and deluxe Phaeton's were built in 1934. The difference between a four cylinder deluxe Phaeton and a deluxe Phaeton was only $50.00. 1934 was the final year for the Ford 4 cylinder.

1934 Ford Coupe
1934 Ford Coupe

Six different 1934 Coupes were produced by Ford. Model 40 Coupes included a standard and deluxe 5 window Coupe and a 3 window Coupe. Model C Coupes included the same standard and deluxe 5 window Coupe and a 3 window Coupe. About 100,000 Model 40 Coupes were produced while only 30 were produced with four cylinder engines.

1934 Ford Victoria
1934 Ford Victoria

About 20,000 Victoria's were produced in 1934 at a cost of $610.00 each. At $660.00 each only about 3,000 1934 Ford Station Wagons were made. 1934 Ford production also included Model 40 and Model C Tudor and Fordor automobiles in both a standard and deluxe. About 375,000 1934 Tudor's and Fordor's were produced. Very few were equipped with four cylinders engines.

1934 Ford 4 Door Sedan
1934 Ford 4 Door Sedan

1934 Ford options included a radio, radio antenna, ash tray, glove box, heater, clock, cigar lighter, seat covers, spotlight, cowl lamps, trunk, whitewall tires, oversized tires, steel spoke wheels, bumper guards, extra horn, dual windshield wipers, steel tire cover, and a greyhound radiator ornament. The 1935 Ford Model 48 cars and trucks followed the 1934 Fords.

1934 Ford Woodie Station Wagon
1934 Ford Woodie Station Wagon

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